for people at the bottom of the pyramid

Focus Areas

Sustainable Development.....
Agriculture Water Climate Change
Health, Nutrition Inequality Economy & Gender


Policy Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit policy research Think Tank. It conducts evidence based cutting edge research responding to the needs of both the policymakers and the key stakeholders. The target segment are the people at the bottom of the pyramid – the disadvantaged and the under-served.

Policy Foundation engages in dialogue with policy framers focussed on the unmet challenges among the thematic areas of research and advocacy with the objective of influencing policies for greater benefit of the people. The underlying aim is to lift the living standards of the people, and building their resilience.

The process strategy begins with community mobilisation through which policy action is planned, evaluated by groups on a participatory and sustained basis. The emphasis is on stakeholder empowerment. ‘ENABLING THE FUTURE’...........

Policy Research Programs

The Policy Foundation carries out its goals through the following major programs:

  • Agriculture& Allied…. Incomes, Irrigation, Technologies.
  • Climate Challenges....Mitigation, Adaptation, National Policy Frameworks.
  • Water Governance....Equity, Inclusion, Water Policies, Systems & Processes.
  • Public Health....Wellness, Nutrition.
  • Gender….Economy, Gender Budgeting, Workforce Development.
  • Fiscal Issues....Financing Human Development,Public Expenditure, Fiscal Federalism, Revenue.

Research Projects Focus

  • Agricultural Priorities.... Small, Marginal Farmer, Credit, Technology.
  • Climate Change.... Devising policy frameworks for emission reduction, Assessing climate risk and strengthening risk management, Climate diplomacy and negotiations.
  • Public Health.... Adolescent Health, Geriatrics Health, Climate &Health, E-Health, Nutrition & Preventive Health, Equity, Rural.
  • Water…. Bolstering Water Security, Wastewater Reuse, Wasteful Irrigation Systems, Water Pricing and Regulations.
  • Fiscal Issues....Financing Human Development,Public Expenditure, Fiscal Federalism, Revenue.

Activity Object

  • To Assess Policy Impact and the Adequacy of Assessment Systems.
  • To Evaluate Policy Effectiveness of Current and Alternate Schemes.
  • To Mainstream Critical Issues on the Governance Agenda.
  • Community Mobilisation.

Events / Partner Events

Working Forums

  • Stakeholders / Community Forums.
    To reflect stakeholder's perspectives in Policy Making.
  • The Implementation Forum
    Policies / Schemes Implementation Effectiveness.